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Device Warranty

The Laser Station thoroughly checks and calibrates all devices before they are shipped, however similar to all electronic products, problems can still occur during shipping and handling. It is your responsibility to check for any cosmetic damages before accepting your product from the courier. Please do not accept if there are any damages as we cannot be held responsible for this. Please note, we are also not responsible for any damage that may occur during the transit of your device, especially if the device is being used mobile or being taken to different clinics. If there is a problem with your item, you must notify us immediately within 3 days of receiving your product, after which the warranty terms are applied where warranty support can only be provided by The Laser Station.

When a product is returned to us the warranty is subject to up to a 1 day inspection before advise can be given. We must also receive pictures and/or videos of any problem before advise can be given. Most of the time, potential issues can be resolved without the device having to be returned to us so it is essential you communicate any problems to us.  Warranty covers parts and labour but not the postage, unless you purchase postage cover insurance for a small fee. When you purchase a device from us we will provide you with a professional freight case and padding, this must be used to ensure your machine is protected during transit. If machines are returned without the professional freight case and padding then the warranty will be void. The warranty is being provided directly from the manufacturer where agents, distributors, or affiliates are able to assist during the warranty period. You may ask for a customised warranty cover that can be tailored to your needs, but our standard warranty cover is very efficient, fair and cost effective.

In the unlikely event a problem does occur, we will endeavour to solve this problem as quickly as possible. We understand that it is frustrating when there is a problem with your machine or products. The Laser Station is not liable for any loss of earnings, loss of business, negligence, accidents, product malfunctioning or any harm caused to the user or customers when there is a problem with your product or usage and advice. This applies during and after the warranty period.

Only The Laser Station can service or repair the device. The warranty will be void If the device or any associated items such as handles have been found to be tampered with during or after the warranty period.  Our warranty policy does not cover accidental damage, wear and tear to the machine, handles or filters. The warranty will be void if the product is misused, improperly maintained (including not servicing the machine) or stored incorrectly as advised by the manufacturer. We will refuse to service / repair the machine and consumables if it has been tampered by an unauthorised person

The Warranty Period

We aim to fix any potential issue as soon as possible if a problem should occur. All devices sold on this website come with a 12 month warranty. The warranty for the hand piece associated with each device varies and can be found under the description of each device. 


Consumable and external parts such as adapters, power cables, glass or filters are not covered under warranty. Due to factors such as electric current, fragile glass, usage and the nature of the items which cannot be covered. These items can only be replaced within 3 days.

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