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Tattoo Removal Results

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Torso Tattoo Removal

Here we demonstrate almost complete removal on a few Torso tattoos containing many colours using our TLS LS6 


Finger Tattoo Removal

After 5 sessions this finger tattoo has almost been fully removed using our TLS LS6


Fade for a cover-up

Just 3 sessions were needed to fade this old script tattoo for a beautiful cover-up to be placed over it. Completed using our TLS LS9

Lucy cover up.jpg

Complete wrist script removal

Example of complete tattoo removal that is achievable using our medical grade tattoo removal devices. Completed using our TLS LS6.


Wrist script Tattoo Removal

After just 4 sessions, we have almost fully removed this old script tattoo on the wrist. 1-2 more sessions and we will have complete removal. This was completed using our TLS LS9


Full sleeve Tattoo Removal

Completed using our TLS LS6 Medical grade machine.

Full sleebe.jpg

Old English script removal

After 6 sessions this old English script tattoo has been 95% removed. Just 1 more session and this should be fully removed. Completed using our TLS LS9

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