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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Plastic surgery and Botox is an invasive procedure, and one that can go very wrong! Luckily, some very smart individuals discovered that if we shoot certain wavelengths of intense pulsed light (IPL) at skin, it can cause some very good effects! This led to the development of Skin Rejuvenation treatments using Laser and IPL. However, you probably have many questions regarding this. I mean you’re probably wondering if it’s safe, how its done or maybe even how it works. To help you, I have written this article that takes you through everything you need to know about Skin Rejuvenation treatments using Laser and IPL devices.

What is Skin Rejuvenation treatment?

Firstly, you might be wondering what a Skin Rejuvenation treatment is. For this article, I am simply going to talk about Skin Rejuvenation treatments using the IPL device or Laser diode and not the Carbon facial treatment (I cover this in my ‘What is a carbon facial article’). The Skin Rejuvenation treatment is simply a treatment used to treat the signs of ageing. As we age, our skin loses collagen (a substance that causes skin to have structure) and fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Skin rejuvenation treatments can stimulate collagen growth which increases the skins structure and makes the skin once again appear younger.

IPL and Skin Rejuvenation
As you can see, collagen and elastin is reduced in ageing skin.

How does Skin Rejuvenation work?

As I mentioned, skin rejuvenation promotes the growth of collagen within the skin. But how does it do this? The IPL or laser device releases wavelengths of light (approximately 500 to 1200 nm). This light is absorbed in the skin which generates heat and tightens the collagen fibers located within the skin. Another type of cell called fibroblasts are also heated when light is absorbed which increases the synthesis of skin cells lost during ageing. Water found within the skin can also absorb the higher wavelengths of light (1200nm) which can trigger an immune reaction and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin (Figure 1). IPL can also reduce the appearance of spider veins that appear on the skin as we get older This is covered in more detail in my ‘IPL and Vascular treatments’

IPL skin rejuvenation
Skin Rejuvenation treatment with IPL device

What devices can do this treatment?

The E-light and Laser diode devices are fantastic for Skin Rejuvenation treatments as they emit wavelengths in the perfect range for great results. We have supplied some of the best beauty clinics in the United Kingdom and the results are always exceptional.

Is Skin Rejuvenation safe and can it cause cancer?

I include this question in many of my articles because it is a question I get asked at least once per day!. I fully understand why, I mean the word “Laser’ doesn’t exactly sound nice does it. But I can assure that all treatments are safe and will not cause cancer. This is because the IPL and Laser devices actually filter out harmful light using an advanced feature meaning they only emit harmless light that does not increase risk of development. However, for treatments to be safe they must be completed by a trained technician with a quality machine! All the machines we supply are CE MDD medical certified and have been developed to meet rigorous UK and EU standards!

Laser removal cancer
Harmful light is filled out by water contained in the IPL and laser devices

Which device is best to use for Skin Rejuvenation treatments?

Both the E-light and Laser Diode I supply are fantastic options, and both will yield very good results. The E-light machine combines light with radiofrequency and can make treatments extremely effective! The Laser diode is also great, however has the added benefit on being able to be used in all Skin types from 1 to 6! If you are wondering what machine to buy give me a call or an e-mail today for a free consultation 0113 418 0464,

How do I do Skin Rejuvenation treatments?

If you buy a machine from us, we provide full training and a full treatment plan as all settings of machines can be different. However a general rule of thumb for these treatments is to use wavelengths in the 500-1200nm range, with treatments spaced around 4 weeks apart.

How many treatments are needed to notice an effect?

This all depends on the client to be honest! However, you will usually start to notice great results after around 4 sessions.

Where can I buy a device to do Skin Rejuvenation treatments?

I supply all these devices and more which have been developed by me. I have worked at some of the leading research medical facilities in the United Kingdom so I understand what makes a great medical device. More so, my prices are affordable and are some of the lowest in the United Kingdom. I will not be beaten on build quality or customer service.

As aways, thank you for reading!

Dr Lockhead


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